Case Study: Resolution of Offshore Export Compressor Sub Synchronous Vibration & Broken IGV’s Failure

Mohd Hafiz Husin, Reliability Staff Khairul Fata, Principal, Rotating Equipment


In this unique and complex case study, we will dive into Equipment which was failed by broken IGV for 5 times and high vibration issues. Dominant frequency are sub synchronous vibration components (0.32X, 0.18X).

RCA by various parties unable to resolve the issues. MDS Engineer was called in but to no avail. Bad actor approach was taken i.e. review operating parameters, maintenance history and trip events. Also, looking at other operators that has similar problem and resolution. A site performance test and surge test were performed to understand dynamic behaviour. An engineering design change and material upgrade were made with assistance from OEM.

Learning Topics:

  • Bad actor elimination
  • Data collection
  • Vibration analysis

Bio - Mohd Hafiz Husin

He started his career with PETRONAS Carigali (Sarawak Operations) as a Rotating Equipment Engineer. With 16 years’ experience in oil & gas industry, he has in- depth knowledge and experience in Reliability Engineering and Condition Based Monitoring subjects. His current job function is as Staff (Reliability) and Technical Authority (TA) for PETRONAS. Hafiz is a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) from SMRP (USA), ISO 18436 Category III Vibration Analyst from Mobius Institute (Aus), Level III Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA) from ICML (USA), Level ll Infrared Thermography from ITC (Sweden), and Green Belt Lean Six Sigma practitioner from SHELL.

Bio - Khairul Fata

Khairul Fata is Principal (Turbomachinery) for PETRONAS. He has 18 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas sector.  He provides Technical Leadership for safe operation and maintenance of turbomachinery at offshore platform. He is also responsible for providing Consultancy related to turbomachinery and to Develop Technical Talent in PETRONAS. Previously he served at petroleum refinery, petrochemical plant, power & utilities plant, and tank terminal in various key positions such as Maintenance Manager , Head (Turbomachinery Group), Senior Engineer (Rotating Equipment), Maintenance Planner and Rotating Equipment Engineer. On academia, he was appointed as adjunct lecturer and industry advisory panel in universities in Malaysia.