Case Study: Can Online and Wireless Technology Drive Efficiency in the Condition Monitoring Space?

George McMurtry, iNTERCOM Marcello Silva, Dynamox


This session will present several case studies in different industry sectors that show how wireless vibration technology is being used within condition monitoring machinery, such as mills, pumps, conveyor belts, vibrating screens, reclaimers and many more. Join us as we go through an online system developed to help the techs of the future using wireless technology to early detect faults and provide visibility for the problems in the plant.

We talk about the challenges involved when bringing online and wireless solutions within small, medium and large business, and how a good cybersecurity management can positively benefit internal processes and data security.

Bio - George McMurtry

George is the BDM Instrumentation & Digital Solutions at Intercom. He has worked in the Instrumentation Solutions space for the past 18 years and entered the Condition Monitoring World in 2021. He has since attended the Mobius VCAT 1 and 2 Training sessions in Perth by Clyde Volpe and has successfully implemented the Dynamox solution across in the top 3 mining companies in Australia.

Bio - Marcello Silva

He is the International Support Engineer for Dynamox for more than 3 years, currently based in Perth (Australia). Marcello is working on several projects alongside iNTERCOM to deliver and support mining customers in the area. He is an Electrical Engineer, Vibration Analyst ISO Cat I certified by MIBoC and has proven experience using vibration data to build and evaluate machine learning models that aim to early detect failures.