Case Study: Paper Machine Vibration Problems

Andrew Costain, Acuren


A broad range of complex vibration problems can occur on paper machines.  These include nipped roll interactions, problems with roll drive systems, and structural issues (including resonance).  Successful analysis and resolution of paper machine vibration problems requires a thorough understanding of the equipment, and the ability to apply various diagnostic techniques. This paper will present several case studies, each describing the evaluation techniques used to diagnose a paper machine vibration problem.


Andrew Costain is the General Manager of Reliability Engineering for Acuren in North America.  He has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, is a registered Professional Engineer in Canada, and is an expert in equipment vibration diagnostics and troubleshooting.  He has over 2 decades of experience in various corrective action techniques, including structural modifications (tuning) and dynamic balancing.  Andrew has directed the implementation of condition monitoring programs and equipment maintenance planning at various heavy industrial, manufacturing and commercial facilities in North America, as well as numerous equipment monitoring, data analysis, and correction projects for clients globally.  More recently, Andrew has held senior reliability positions including Director of Reliability & Principal Engineer, managing   reliability   projects   in   a   cross section of industries, in addition to supporting large corporate clients on company wide maintenance and reliability strategies and implementation of these programs.

Working as part of the Acuren Team, Andrew is focusing on identifying new and innovative technology in the maintenance and reliability of static and rotating assets. The goal of this effort is to improve equipment reliability at reduced costs to his clients.