Case Study: Online oil monitoring, advantages for O&M and predictive maintenance

Jorge Alarcon, Global Technical Manager, OCM, BUREAU VERITAS


The monitoring of critical components is becoming more common these days. In the power generation industry, these components are responsible for the transmission of energy from the mechanical parts in the movement to the electrical generator and, in doing so, undergo a wide range of mechanical stress that limits their lifetime. From the economic point of view, it represents a significant part of the annual O&M budget. It is therefore the goal of monitoring to maximize the lifetime of the component while reducing the maintenance costs. To succeed at this, not only large amounts of data are needed, but also this needs to be of high quality. This presentation shows how quality data can be gathered with an online oil monitoring technology. These are real-time measurements of the state of the lubricant oil along with particle counting and shape discrimination. These signals are collected on-site and then transmitted through various types of communication configurations to our cloud service where they are ingested by various web services and databases. Having our data appropriately stored in the cloud we can inspect the time series and produce visualizations that will give insights into the condition of the machine. More advanced work includes the detection of outliers in the power curve and time series trend analysis. With the relevant data collected, we can provide timely advice to our clients on the condition of their assets.
The generation of data will allow, among other aspects, modeling of future scenarios, creation of digital twins, etc.Takeaways:

– Review of the current scenario of oil sensors
– Advantages and disadvantages of in-line oil sensors
– Comparisons between the oil sensor and the laboratory




Global Technical Manager with full responsabilities
Senior consultant with extensive knowledge in Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) and Predictive Maintenance in the wind energy sector, power generation, manufacturing and food among other industries.
Main responsible for global OCM energy industry, involved in condition monitoring and reliability control programs for the last fifteen years.
International speaker, big data analysis and fluid sensor specialization application.