Case Study: Motion Amplification: Updates on an evolving technology and case studies from the field

Jeff Hay, CEO, RDI Technologies


Motion Amplification is a rapidly evolving technology that is being utilized more and more within the condition monitoring and maintenance industry. With this rapid evolution comes new capabilities and use cases. In this presentation Dr. Jeff Hay, the inventor of Motion Amplification, will cover new advances in the technology, like the ability to visualize and measure thermal growth, the ability to visualize phase across the entire video, and new advanced techniques to measure shaft dynamics. This will then be followed by series of case studies presented by a practitioner of Motion Amplification highlighting how the technology has been utilization to solve real problems along with the strategies used to deploy Motion Amplification as a new tool in the reliability toolbox.

Motion Amplification is a proprietary video processing technique that detects subtle displacement and then converts that movement to a level visible with the naked eye, enabling visualization of the movement. Now you can remotely see the actual faults with Motion Amplification software and solve the problems. Seeing how the machine is moving allows the source of most issues to become clear. That loose bolt is visible. The cracked foundation is obvious. You can see if the motor and pump are bouncing up and down together (in phase) or as if they were on opposite ends of a teeter-totter (out of phase).


  • What’s new with Motion Amplification.
  • Examples of Motion Amplification being used in real world applications.
  • How Motion Amplification is used to software machinery maintenance problems.


Jeff Hay, PhD is the founder and CEO of RDI Technologies.

He is the inventor and visionary behind Motion Amplification and the Iris M, which allows you to amplify and measure motion with the use of video. His products are moving industrial vibration to the visual spectrum. His passion is using his background in applied optical technology to change the way you see machinery and maintenance.