Case Study: A Low Risk Solution for Rotating Equipment Assets where Failure is a High Business Risk

Peter Todd, Reliability Engineer, Tensor Systems


Condition Monitoring is the most essential tool for reducing the risk of unexpected and high cost asset failures. Critical rotating equipment systems have always been a key target for condition monitoring and best practice implementations using portable vibration data collectors have been highly successful in reducing failure risk for industrial and mining plants. But there have always been examples where failures have been missed, especially where the rotating equipment systems are more complex. Often a vibration monitoring technician will find some unusual data measurements using their portable data collector system but are unable to make a confident diagnosis. An occasional missed failure is often not a major business issue for smaller and lower criticality assets but where the business risk from a missed failure is high, there is often a substantial business loss when failures occur. So, what is required to go to the next level of risk reduction for these high criticality assets? Over the last 15 years some businesses have gone to systems of online monitoring to replace data collector system but often they just end up with more of the same data they could have collected with a portable data collector and provide no more help making difficult diagnostic calls.
This presentation will use case studies to show how the Tensor Systems online condition monitoring approach achieves a substantially higher failure risk reduction for those critical and complex assets that your plant managers worry about.
-Learn how to assess the business risk from failure of your organisations rotating equipment
-Learn about the current worlds best practice for online vibration monitoring
-Learn about online condition monitoring delivered as a service.


Over 40 years experience in maintenance and reliability engineering, mostly in a heavy industry environment. This includes working 12 years for SIRF Roundtables as an Industrial Maintenance Roundtable Facilitator supporting the sharing of maintenance best practice across Australian industries. I have had a long involvement in Condition Monitoring and ran an annual Condition Monitoring, Lubrication and Reliability national conference in Australia for a number of years. Specialties: Knowledge in a broad range of Condition Monitoring and machine fault diagnostic techniques. Experienced in practical failure analysis and RCA. Experienced in a range of Reliability Engineering techniques.