Case Study: Implementation of CBM in Drilling Rigs

Nishanthan S, Reliability Engineer, Osborne Engineering Limited Sundaramoorthi Panneerselvam, Reliability Engineer, Technomax Middle East Engineering LLC


Implementation of CBM in Drilling rigs, Rigs which plays a vital role in the middle east market to explore their oil well and their growth. Drilling rigs which having a maximum 50 numbers of equipment per rig including twelve major critical equipment, but if any one fails which may lead to production loss of more than 50000 USD/Day and huge maintenance cost. To avoid those circumstances, we implemented and succeeded with result outcome to one of the worlds prestigious drilling company in Middle East. As per the guidelines of ISO & our previous experience, we implemented the CBM technique to achieve a best result which is not limited to Vibration, Thermography, Ultrasound and Visual inspection. And our paper will helps drilling industry to select a best technique in CBM.
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Bio -Nishanthan S

Nishanthan is level 3 certified in vibration and Level 2 in thermography and ultrasound. His craving for knowledge goes on as a youngster. He always feels proud to stand in front of legends to confess his views and ideology and get satisfied by gaining some of their knowledge.

Bio - Sundaramoorthi P

On the goodness of his career is that he accidentally chose the condition monitoring field. For the past 5 years he has been working in the CBM field (Vibration Analysis, Thermography Analysis, Ultrasound Analysis, Insitu Dynamic Balancing, Laser Alignment, High speed balancing of turbine rotor and oil analysis sample collection). He is enjoying this field especially daily readings in books, case studies and do the experiments in the field.