Case Study: Healthy Machines through Lubricant Condition Monitoring

Hariveer Dhingra, Digital Venture Lead, Shell


For industrial customers, smooth-running, efficient operations are vital. And the health of your critical machinery is inextricably linked to their bottom line. Good lubricant management, through oil condition monitoring, is the key to keeping your most vital assets healthy. It effects your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), your sustainability, your productivity and your profitability.

Shell has been using advanced analytics in our own operations for several years and is also a world leader in the lubrication industry. During this session, I would like to share a couple of case studies where Shell has culminated its own learnings, building on several years of lubricant management analysis and IIOT technologies to create an industry-wide system that has helped our large B3B customers reduce unplanned downtime and increase maintenance efficiency, and to do it quickly, consistently and accurately.

​Will share 2-3 case studies on how Shell has been able to generate value for large industrial customers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) through use of Lubricant Condition Monitoring to avoid engine failures (water contamination), extend oil drain intervals, optimize maintenance schedules, and generate consumption savings through fine oil control quality.


1. Important of good lubrication management for smooth running of your operations
2. How to justify investments in Digital & Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technologies to generate commercial value
3. Roadmap to embark on Digital journey in your own organization


Hariveer Dhingra is the Digital Venture Lead for Shell’s Lubricant business globally, where he leads the strategy, development and rollout of new business models and offers, by leveraging disruptive digital technologies (Industrial IOT). He joined Shell in 2012, and worked in Global Marketing, Pricing and most notably in Business Development and Strategy team for Shell Retail’s Fleet Solutions business (B2B). Before joining Shell, Hariveer worked as a Product Manager at Microsoft for Azure DevOps team, building new Quality Assurance and Lab Management offerings (Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management suite). He holds a MBA from University of Oxford, and Bachelors in Technology from IIIT, India.