Case Study: Foundation Settlement Effect on Equipment Vibration Behavior

Elyes Slimani, Lead Vibration and Diagnostics Engineer, General Electric


The support and stability of the foundation beneath equipment is critical to maintaining alignment and vibration dampening during operation. On large equipment like heavy duty gas turbines, steam turbines, and generators, the design of the foundation is critical to providing this support, and failure to meet design frequently results in increased vibration and other structural issues. Foundation settlement often occurs early during the life of a machine, shortly after installation. This presentation will show two case studies of newly installed equipment that had severe foundation settlement, and how that affected vibration, operation and availability of an equipment.


-The need to have a proper design for equipment foundation.
-The main effect of foundation settlement on the vibration behavior of an equipment.
-How to investigate the root cause related to foundation settlement and Containment of the vibration in relation with soil settlement.


Prepared a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from USTHB university (Algiers) from thermal and Energy department. the main focus during the college period was dedicated on the valorization of all energy sources and their conversion process. the end of cycle theses was about the thermal study and provide a new design to the EOLIPILE machine to fit in the combined cycle plants. Joining General Electric Power after the college as a Technical Advisor covering the mechanical scope of legacy GE gas turbines and steam turbines, get trained in US to perform all kind of maintenance, retrofit and installation of GE equipment. after 7 years as technical Advisor, joined the Engineering team covering mechanical product service position (GT and ST and vibration). the task consist to support the installed base units or under erection providing expertise to fix issues and difficulties also acting as an RCA leaders to investigate unknown issues and leading diverse skills team to come up with corrective / preventive actions all the time in interaction with design and sites.