Case Study: How do expert systems influence the work of a vibration analyst in today’s environment?

Bruno Fouille, Asia Pacific Maintenance Division Manager, ACOEM


Expert systems have been available on the market for many years. What stopped people from using them properly is the amount of effort and information required to configure them. Therefore those expert systems were not really successfully used in the past. In an industrial environment of cost pressure, shrinking expertise in the plants, and increasing demands for availability and reliability of the machines, the time of the expert is very valuable and new more clever condition monitoring approaches are needed.
Therefore, the time needed to do the configuration of an auto diagnostic system has to be minimal and the automatic diagnosis should act as an exception monitoring system leading the analyst to the bad players in a plant.

This presentation will describe you an alternative for improving a condition monitoring program’s efficiency without requiring additional resources. We will demonstrate how to help expert users to focus on critical assets, and how to empower the maintenance staff with a computer aided reliable and automated diagnosis engine.
Through different real case-studies, the presenter will show you how to optimize the efficiency of your condition monitoring program thanks to an expert system with a confidence level indication.


Based in Kuala Lumpur since 2014, Mr Bruno FOUILLE is currently the Asia Pacific Maintenance Division Manager for ACOEM. In that capacity, he is responsible for the sales, network support and customer satisfaction for ACOEM condition monitoring range of products in ASIA PACIFIC. Based in Asia since 2002 (Kuala Lumpur and Beijing), Bruno has been involved in sales and service of reliability equipment for 19 years including vibration, infrared, precision alignment and oil analysis. Mr FOUILLE graduated in 1995 from the “ENSTA Bretagne”. A five-year degree in mechanical engineering. After graduation, he joined the French armed forces where he oversaw the maintenance of ships and diesel submarines for DCN: the French National military ship builder. He joined ACOEM in 1998 as a service engineer.