Case Study: Eliminate Motor Failures and Return Energy Savings

Mark Gurney, Motor Management Specialist, 3Phi Reliability Sarl


Motor Audits help facilities assess In service motors and a spares coverage strategy based on Single points of failure, and Health Assessments. Results from Health assessments enable implementation of targeted Asset Strategies addressing  known failure modes via a suite of maintenance plans.
Management processes including Purchase Specifications, Overhaul Specification, Acceptance Testing, Storage and Installation practice ensure Electric Motors & Variable Speed Drives are “Fit for Use” and induced failures are eliminated.  And Finally Asset Strategies to “Kick Start your Electrical Reliability” and Return significant Energy Savings.  The presentation includes examples of simple practices that make immediate Reliability gains.


1. Understand the “Total Cost of Ownership” of Electric Motor Systems and Energy Savings.
2. How to Gain control over Electric Motor Failures using proven methods
3. Simple Asset Strategies that return immediate Reliability gains.


Mark Gurney is a Motor Management Specialist who implements a proven programme to “Eliminate Motor Failures and Return Energy Savings”.