Case Study: Diagnosis of Spherical Roller Bearings Failure Modes through Vibration Analysis

Zaheer Khan, Manager Services Condition Monitoring and Reliability, Plant Asset Efficiency Solutions


Spherical Roller bearings have different failure modes like flaking , cracked inner ring , electrical fluting , increased radial clearances and looseness over shaft etc. I will discuss the case studies of each failure mode that how can we diagnose these issues through Vibration Analysis and save the machine from sudden bearing failure . I will share the detailed spectrum , acceleration time waveforms and enveloped spectrum and waveforms to share the knowledge and my expertise that how we can successfully diagnosis these faults. My presentation will also include the root cause analysis of each of these failure modes as well to guide and train the attendees about RCFA. I have comprehensive data and case studies in good format to share the knowledge with audience.


He has almost 13 years of experience in the field of vibration analysis and other condition monitoring and reliability services. He has worked and provided condition monitoring and reliability services to oil and gas , petrochemical, pulp and paper , cement , FMCG , Power houses and multiple other sectors. He has strong practical knowledge of condition monitoring techniques. He is also authorized trainer of Mobius Institute and provide trainings of Vibration Analysis Cat-II and Cat-III.