Case Study: Detecting Damage for Yankee Roll Slow Speed Bearings Using Vibration Analysis

Hassan Abdelnabby, Mechanical Maintenance Assistant Manager, AL Zeina Tissue Mill Co.


Throughout the presentation I will be sharing a case study that happened this year, we monitored a defect on our Yankee roll bearings that resulted to take the call to change the bearings that costs 50,000 Euro and stopping the plant for 3 days to make the maintenance activities ,I will be shown some information regarding the paper industry inside our plant , talking about our condition monitoring program inside the factory , also discussing the SPM method in monitoring and tracking the vibration of the slow speed bearings , the history for changing the bearings and the main root cause for that , then explaining in some details the journey of detecting the damage for our Yankee bearings and the discussions throughout the process , going through the installation phase of the bearings and some of the recommended practices during installation , also I will be sharing the measurement after installation using vibration analysis , following that sharing the the root cause failure analysis for the defect and the interventions we made to make sure that we have eliminated the root cause for the problem.


BSC. Mechanical power engineering Menofia university , Egypt 2011 Certified Six sigma green belt from ASQ Certified vibration analyst category III from Mobius institute Certified Machinery lubrication analyst level 1 from ICML Brand ambassador and Egypt community leader at Mobius connect Reserve officer for the Egyptian armed forces , military engineering Force worked on maintenance for different Mechanical equipment since 2011 Mechanical maintenance assistant manager for alzeina tissue mill since November, 2018.