Case Study: Condition Based Maintenance to Improve Availability and Reduce Costs

Adnan Aslam, Plant Integrity & Compliance Engineer, Jubail O&M Company Limited


The objective of the presentation is to study the relationship between manhours, cost and reliability when it comes to Condition Monitoring Program. The presentation aims to quantify the savings which can be achieved by opting for Condition Based Maintenance rather than Preventive Maintenance (Time Based Maintenance). Based on Preventive Maintenance, a total of 162 Pumps were proposed to be overhauled. In contrast most of these pumps had been maintained properly with adequate lube oil replacement, alignment inspection etc. in the past. The vibration data gathered and analysed indicated as such. So the number of these pumps were reduced to 44 based on Vibration data alone. Another survey was carried out where 30 additional pumps were identified as having oil seals issue. Upon feedback, it was evaluated that the oil seal failure had contributed to the shaft being rubbed and as such these pumps also needed to be completely overhauled. A total of 72 pumps were overhauled instead of 162. This resulted in savings both in terms of spares and manhours that were planned to be consumed and availability of the units. With the shutdown time reduced the availability of the units was increased and resulted in higher production than anticipated initially. The continued practice enabled to enhance the pump overhaul frequency.

1. Identifying Opportunity for CM Program
2. Setting up CM Program
3. Advantages of CM Program


A mechanical engineer with experience of Maintenance, Condition Monitoring and Asset Management & Reliability.
Experience of Rankine Cycle and Combined cycle power plants.