Case Study: Chemical Injection Pump Failure Investigation

Qassem Alben Saad, Saudi Aramco


Objective: The objective of this study is to investigate the repetitive failure of one types of chemical injection pumps to identify the root causes and the necessary corrective actions to avoid re-occurrence. These pumps are essential to SGGPD process in order to keep the network of piping in good condition and keep the corrosion rate as minimum as possible. Abstract: The investigation team had selected several down pumps in different locations with different failure mode in order to identify the common roots that reduces pumps availability and come up with corrective actions to eliminate these factors in the fastest and most cost effective way. The Study came up with list of items to be added to the PM task list such as: reducing the oil change cycle, changing the coupling periodically, replacing the check valves periodically, increasing the inspection visits on bearings and couplings, etc. Although the implementation is not completed yet, a drop in the number of work orders & maintenance tickets created against this type of pumps was observed which also reflected as a reduction in defective spools due to corrosion. Benefits of the Paper: This practice worth sharing since the results significantly improved the performance of chemical injection pumps. Moreover, it has been noticed that the Maintenance Strategy of such kind of pumps is run-to-fail but, after implementing such practices, the pump life will be extended significantly and hence, cost avoidance will be achieved.


Qassem Alben Saad is a Maintenance Engineering Leader at Saudi Aramco’s Ghawar Gas Producing Department with over 11 years of experience in Oil and Gas Industry. He has graduated with Chemical Engineering BS Degree from Arizona State University at United States of America and is Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP). In his experience, he worked as Process/Plant Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Reliability Engineer and Contracting Group Leader, Knowledge Transfer Coordinator, Knowledge Management Officer and Safety Advisor, which gave him confidence and extensive experience in his field of work and leadership at Saudi Aramco.