Case Study: Building Maintenance Strategies for 50,000 Assets on a Shoe String

Julien Maffre, Founder, AMSYST


Challenges addressed:
2 sites, 12 plants and 50 000 assets, positioned in 1400 maps, resulting in 90000 Preventative Maintenance tasks grouped in 2500 routes. The first challenge for Synlait, just like so many other plants/mills/factories around the world, was to create a process to tackle the development and implementation of Preventative Maintenance tasks on a very large scale, without a large dedicated team nor extensive consulting support. The other challenge was to ensure that all this effort would lead to sustainable results, meaning that the maintenance strategies would be easily maintainable, and could also be applied to new assets in the future.

This presentation will show how to tackle a mega PM implementation while keeping control over the deployment and maintaining a consistent approach:

  • How go through an accelerated criticality assessment and risk mapping
  • How to develop reference maintenance strategies (models) and link them to the right assets
  • How to map all these assets across 1400 maps
  • How to route 90000 tasks, and to update the routes when the strategies change
  • How to generate a quality PM document that adds value for the technician

We will also look at the type of resources required for each step, and how to get organised for best results.


– How to tackle a large PM implementation (including when applied to new and existing plants)
– How the processes developed by AMSYST have helped to churn through the work
– Tips and tricks – sharing the highs and lows of this experience


Improving maintenance processes and implementing new maintenance systems are my key motivators. I specialise in planning and scheduling, reliability analysis, preventive maintenance activities, and asset information management; while always striving to generate advancements in these fields with innovative ideas.

Having worked in a wide variety of industries including Dairy, FMCG, Water treatment, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, and Mining, I have gained a sound reputation for my expertise in the maintenance of physical assets. I relentlessly push boundaries to be a step ahead of the asset management game and pride myself on being a thought leader in the field. I aim to connect existing knowledge and experience to a network of methodologies, techniques and algorithms to create unique, user-friendly solutions that go above and beyond client expectations.

I aspire to be an inspirational leader and an approachable coach. Nothing pleases me more than seeing others learn, grow and flourish under my leadership.