Case Study: Beyond traditional condition monitoring – how HD vibration data can be used to optimize your process

Tim Sundstrom, Manager of Strategic Sales & Application, SPM Instrument


This presentation will cover a new and innovative way of using high quality vibration data to optimize the production process, with examples from critical equipment in mining and Pulp & Paper. Traditionally, in the Condition Monitoring business, we are focusing on bearing and gear faults and other types of problems in equipment – but sometimes we see signals in the vibration data that belongs to the production process itself. By applying newly developed algorithms, these production related signals can be extracted and used for process optimization.


Tim Sundström, born 1964 in Sweden, has a M.Sc. degree in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering from Linköping University, Sweden. For over twenty years, he has been specializing in electronics development and has held managerial positions in the field since 1992. In 2001, he joined SPM Instrument as head of Research and Development, where he has been deeply involved in SPM HD development and field evaluations.