Case Study: My 30 Years Journey through Good and Bad Vibrations

Dana Lake, Reliability Analyst, SWB Plus Reliability Services


Presentation will provide an insight into barriers of implementing an effective CM programme on a mine site and ways to overcome it. It will also provide an interesting comparison of managing a CM program from a point of view of an on-site CM Engineer and an outsourced consultant, with pros and cons of both. Additionally, to add some spice, some very interesting Vibration Analysis case studies will be presented.
1. From effective CM programs presentation:
– How to get management support to on-site CM programs.
– How to be a good CM consultant – Expectations from the customer.
2. From case studies:
– The difference between bearing defects and bearing set-up issues.


Completed Master Degree in Precision Mechanical Engineering in Poland. Studied Reliability Engineering at Monash Uni. Started Condition Monitoring experience by implementing on-site CM program at BHP Billiton Olympic Dam mine site. Almost 30 years reliability related experience in various industries and various roles – Vibration Analysis, Implementation of both In-house and outsourced Condition Monitoring programs, Bearing Applications, Lubrication, Balancing, Alignment, Vibration Analysis Training. Honorary Secretary of Condition Monitoring Certification Board (within AINDT). Currently working at SWB Plus Reliability Services (part of Statewide Bearings company). Previously with Alstom MSc (4 years), Schaeffler Australia (12 years) and BHP Billiton Olympic Dam (10 years).