“Career Sustainability” Predictive, Precision and Prescriptive Maintenance

Kenneth Snyder, Senior RE PdM Program Manager, JLL


This presentation will discuss the sustainability of one’s career executing of the three maintenance disciplines – Predictive, Precision and Prescriptive.

Within these three disciplines there are a few objectives that are needed to help one obtain career success and sustainability:

  1. Education – Oneself and the culture he/she works in
  2. Leadership – On the job and in the group
  3. Solutions – Prescription Maintenance


Kenneth’s career exists of 37 years’ experience in Predictive Maintenance execution. He spent his first ten years as a Senior Vibration Test Engineer at a large public utility company. His next 24 years was at a large pharmaceutical company as a Compliance Maintenance Superintendent. He joined the JLL NGM (Next Generation Maintenance) team in January 2020 as a Global CBM SME Reliability Engineer to implement NGM and working with account leadership and client leadership team to understand the benefits of a reliability-based approach to their asset care.