As Inverter Driven Assets Become More Popular, The Failure Rates of Assets Increase

Mark Gurney, Motor Analyst


Every Site I attend has Inverter Driven reliability problems that Attack Lubrication, Motor Insulation and Bearings. Often these Inverter emissions cause communication errors. 

37% of Motors in Industry are driven by Inverter, but account for 82% of Motor Winding defects. 

This failure mode can be easily solved by stopping the ATTACK BEFORE IT ENTERS THE MOTOR, by proper grounding and suppression strategies. 

The use of the SKF Tked1, Ultrasonics, AC Resistance testing will be presented with many Hands-On examples.  


Mark Gurney is a Motor Analyst with decades of Motor Testing experience, and firmly believes that Inverter initiated failures are the number one industry reliability problem. Mark’s company 3Phi Reliability has a proven track record of eliminating Inverter problems and takes a very Hands-On approach teaching technical personnel and explaining the concepts. Mark is a reliability professional and has had a close relationship to Mobius in the development of the ARP Course using many examples from his learnings.