V2: Applying Hidden Skills: Making Military Issued Reliability Useful in a Civilian World

Tim Harmon, Senior Reliability Professional, Allied Reliability / (Retired Army)


As an Army veteran Tim Harmon will discuss his experiences in both active duty and National Guard, and the struggle to recognize and apply skills developed during his service and communicating and leveraging in the civilian sector.  Tim will also discuss fostering out of the box thinking to help drive a parallel vision to service-related characteristics and attributes to private sector applications, accompanied by resources and paths for careers in reliability and maintenance.  Lastly Tim will speak to his activities for helping veterans with PTSD, and his passion for helping transitioning military personnel. Tim is an active supporter of several veteran outreach programs, H.O.O.V.E.S for example, and an avid supporter of the Mobius Veteran Connect podcast.


An Army combat veteran with greater than ten years active and reserve service with parallel and separate civilian experience in Maintenance and Engineering expertise. Accumulated extensive experience with Kaizens, FMEAs and implementation of lean practices. His career development started in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry morphing into cold rolled steel manufacturing which, although an extreme change in environment and process, this move proved to be a valuable learning experience. My current position envelopes several titles including, MTC Planner, Project Manager, and MTC Manager to identify a few. Perfected skills in EH&S, authored and implemented safety documents, adviser on major job accomplishments, and researched and implemented environmental impacts and processes.

Forward looking and always ready to accept and successfully overcome the next challenge. By nature, a problem solver, excellent communicator, and team builder. A team leader who remains focused on task accomplishment.Looking at the future where the challenges and responsibilities continue to grow, allowing me to grow with them. A career, not a job, for which I can take ownership.