Application of Electrical and Current Signature Analysis in Industrial/ Commercial Sites: ESA/MCSA of Electric Motors

Howard Penrose , President , MotorDoc LLC


Electrical and Current Signature Analysis are similar to vibration in data interpretation but utilize the motor, generator or transformer airgap as the transducer.  The result allows the technology to observe power quality through all aspects of the powertrain and driven equipment.  In this workshop we will cover common applications of electrical and current signature analysis that can be applied to any electrical and current signature analysis technology.  The class will cover analysis of direct drive, belted and gearbox applications.  As part of the lesson we will evaluate a belted application, one AC and one DC elevator application, and the complete powertrain of a wind generator which will demonstrate high speed through low speed bearing detection.  We will include a hands-on demonstration of the data collection associated with electrical and current signatures with a variable frequency drive.

Part 2 – I will go through how to evaluate AC induction electric motors including air gap, bearings and insulation systems.


Howard W Penrose, PhD, CMRP is the President of MotorDoc LLC and the Past Chair of SMRP. He is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) and specializes in electric machinery system reliability, quality assurance and machine design.