Analysis Methods that Confidently Validate Long-Term use of Hydraulic and/or Circulation Systems Fluids

Mike Johnson, President, AMRRI


Millions of gallons of oil are discarded annually, and tens of millions of dollars are wasted annually because ‘the OEM said it’s time to change oil and rebuild the machine’.  Particularly for sumps with large volumes this can be both expensive and unnecessary. 

 There are reasons that OEM would have you spend money this way, but given the disruption to productivity from rebuild events, these types of  suggestions should be buttressed with machine and lubricant health FACTS.  The technology for machine health and fluids measurement is readily available, reasonably priced, provides excellent information, and most certainly should be used to measure fluid and machine health before stepping into rebuild. 

 This presentation will outline which standardized tests to use for fluid and machine health diagnosis, and how to evaluate the data to uncover the FACTS you need to determine whether to discard fluids and overhaul your machines. 


Mike has 33+ years of practical experience in the field of industrial lubrication and equipment reliability management. He has assisted in developing reliability improvement strategies and implementing reliability centered machine lubrication programs for many well known multinational manufacturers, including Cargill, International Paper, Ford Motors, Goodyear, General Mills, Saturn, Southdown, Chemetals, Arcadian Group, Diesel Recon, and many others. Mike has an extensive background in theoretical and practical tribology and uses this knowledge assisting organizations that want to improve machine reliability through training, in-plant coaching, failure analysis, and through advice and support in developing standards for precision lubrication practices.