AMWS3: Practical Signal Processing for Optimizing Benefits of Vibration Analysis

Dr. Suri Ganeriwala , President, Spectra Quest Inc.


This workshop will provide attendees with the fundamental principles of digital signal processing in a simplified manner without resorting to the underlying complex mathematical structure.  Students will learn how to utilize their existing vibration analysis tools to extract the maximum information from the vibration signal. The benefits will include how to determine the sampling rate, resolution, max frequency, and how to distinguish if you are missing a frequency component in your selected resolution, etc.  I will also, present the new developments such as Spectra Kurtosis, Cepstrum Analysis, order tracking, and demodulation techniques.

Attendees will be able to perform computer simulation exercises involving different waveforms, frequency spectra, resolution, frequency lines, aliasing, effects of leakage and ways to compensate, various window functions, data smoothing by averaging, and modulations.    You will learn how to set up your data collector to maximize the benefits.  SpectraQuest simulation software will be available to clarify important concepts.

Please bring you laptop to install a copy of Signal Processing Simulation software-free for thirty days!


Dr. Suri Ganeriwala is the founder and President of SpectraQuest Inc. Suri has over 30 years of industrial and academic experience in machinery vibration diagnostics and control, signal processing and viscoelastic materials characterisation. Suri has worked for Philip Morris, Firestone and Martin Marietta Aerospace. He has developed a unique method of instruction using the SpectraQuest machinery fault simulator (MFS), which is his creation from concept to completion. He has authored over 50 papers and articles in journals, magazines, conference proceedings and books. He obtained a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, USA. Suri serves on the MFPT Board of Directors and is Leader of the Signal Analysis Forum.