AMWS2: The Relationship Between Vibration, Electrical Signature Analysis and Motion Amplification

Howard Penrose, MotorDoc LLC


There is a corresponding relationship between vibration, electrical signature analysis and motion amplification in electric motors and generators.  In this workshop we will present real-world comparisons between the technologies, discuss their strengths and weaknesses and how they can be used to provide a comprehensive view of the motor system.  Vibration analysis provides a primarily mechanical view of the electric machine and individual rotating components using accelerometers and similar detection devices.  Electrical signature analysis uses the electric machine airgap to analyze electrical and mechanical conditions of the incoming power to driven equipment.  Motion Amplification provides a visual method using video with the pixels acting as accelerometers providing a low frequency/low speed method of analysis.  Following this course the student will have a basic understanding of the relationship between the technologies; the limitations of each technology; and, how they can provide a full view of different conditions of the machines.  Multiple case studies will be presented.


Howard W Penrose, PhD, CMRP is the President of MotorDoc LLC and the Past Chair of SMRP. He is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) and specializes in electric machinery system reliability, quality assurance and machine design.