AMWS2: Improving Electrical Reliability by Implementing a Motor Diagnostic and Testing Program

William Kruger, Technical & Training Coordinator, ALL-TEST Pro, LLC


Motor testing has long been considered a luxury or a waste of time and resources. After all, a motor either runs or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t run, a simple check of the winding continuity and the value of the insulation resistance to ground will determine the condition of the motor. Performing additional testing requires specialized & expensive testing equipment with highly trained personnel and provide limited success (identifying only approximately 10% of motor faults). These faults will reduce operating efficiency, machine life and increased maintenance costs. This workshop shows you how to use 2 field proven (MCA™ & ESA), easy to use, standardized techniques to identify all of the identifiable faults within a motor system. MCA™ uses a series of low voltage tests to fully excite the winding insulation systems while the motor or any winding system is de-energized. This makes MCA™ extremely useful in inspecting new and rebuilt motors to identify the 25 – 30% of the issues that are present in “New” motors, MCA™ also provides the only method for early detection of the winding system insulation breakdown. ESA uses the motors own operating voltage and current to identify existing and developing faults in the entire motor system,. ESA performs a simultaneous data capture of all three phases of voltage and current to create a power quality table that completely evaluates the condition of the motors electrical system. ESA also performs multiple FFT’s on captured voltage and current waveforms to identify mechanical or process faults the motor system. This workshop focuses on the ease in performing these tests as well as analyzing the results. The workshop will describe the various faults that can be detected using each of these techniques.


William Kruger joined ALL-TEST Pro, LLC as the Technical Manager in 2005. Since joining ATP, Bill has traveled the world teaching the Theory and Application of Motor Diagnostics, helping Fortune 500 Companies implement Predictive Maintenance Programs. In 2010 Bill’s proven instructional techniques earned him the new title of Training Technical Manager. Before joining ALL-TEST Pro, LLC Bill Kruger worked in many different aspects of the Engineering and Maintenance Fields. Bill worked as an Electrician in the US Navy Nuclear Submarine Program. He has completed the Journeyman Electrician Program and started one of the first Predictive Maintenance Programs in the Utility Industry. Bill Kruger holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from San Diego University. With his combined work in the field as well as with ALL-TEST Pro, Bill has over 40 years of proven experience in the practical engineering and predictive maintenance field.