AMWS2: Ferrography and oil analysis provides an early warning of bearing failures

KNV Subrahmanyam, Chief Technology Officer, AIMIL Ltd


Lubricants are the life blood of oil wetted machinery. As an important element of predictive maintenance technologies, in-service oil analysis can provide trace information about machine wear condition, lubricant contamination as well as lubricant condition. Reliability engineers and maintenance professionals can make maintenance decisions based on the oil analysis results. The immediate benefits of in-service oil analysis include avoiding oil mix up, contamination control, condition based maintenance and failure analysis, etc. In-service oil analysis always supports and acts as a value addition to the Predictive, Proactive Maintenance techniques in detecting the early stages of machinery components damage which can help controlling/avoiding the damage in critical machinery components.
This session explains how used oil analysis and ferrography is being conducted on critical equipments and followed by case studies on oil analysis and ferrography in diagnosing the diffrent machine components wear at an early stages. Detailed case histories about diesel engines, heavy duty gear boxes, Steam Turbines, Slow speed bearings etc in industrial sectors like cement, railways, shipping and power plants will be explained on how the failure modes were detected using oil analysis and ferrography.


K.N.V.Subrahmanyam, Chief Technical Officer-Oil Analysis Testing Services at Aimil Ltd, Mechanical Engineer and MBA in Oil & Gas Management and Certified Category III Machinery Lubricant Specialist from International Council for Machinery Lubrication, USA. Over 16 years of practical experience in used oil analysis, Ferrography and lubrication management and started my career as Lubricant and Wear Debris Analyst and has rich Industrial lubrication experience in using Ferrogrpahy/Wear debris analysis. Published technical papers on Ferrography & Oil analysis importance in the equipment reliability and well renowned lubrication specialist in India. Actively working with Condition monitoring society of India, Tribology society of India, STLE & Noria Corportaion. Professional trainer for Lubrication training’s for Noria India and Middle east. Delivered professional lubrication training programs over 50 and conducts regular lubrication awareness programs in Indian industries.