AMWS2: Hands-On Workshop: Electric Motor Reliability

Todd Gunderson, Sales & Marketing, PdMA Corporation


Are you being asked to maximize maintenance efficiency, minimize production losses,  and decrease operating costs then you need to join us for our comprehensive workshop on electric motor reliability.  You will learn the benefits of using our proven time tested six fault zone approach to analyzing electric motors. During this workshop you will be introduced to the three core principles of electric motor testing along with in-depth analysis of real motor case studies from all six motor fault zones.


Todd has been with PdMA Corporation since 1997. He currently holds the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing where he oversees the development of 43 independent representative organizations around the globe. From Reliability Technicians and Engineers to Supervisors and Management, a common goal is to reduce cost and increase production. PdMA corporation provides you with the tools and knowledge to compete in a very demanding global market. Prior to joining PdMA he served 9 years in the United States Navy Nuclear Program as a certified nuclear electrician. During his Navy tenure, he was part of the Pre Commissioning unit of the USS George Washington CVN 73. After the successful commissioning, he moved on to become an instructor at Nuclear Propulsion Training Unit in Charleston, South Carolina. There he instructed students on the electrical maintenance and operation for nuclear reactor and electrical auxiliary/distribution systems. His experience includes high and low voltage, AC and DC, power generation, power distribution, motors, and motor controllers.