Alignment Techniques for Vibration Experts Workshop by PRUFTECHNIK


Vibration + alignment = the total reliability package. Master the former at IMVAC and let the makers of OPTALIGN and ROTALIGN, PRUFTECHNIK, introduce you to the latter during this one-day workshop. This 1-day hands-on workshop delivers comprehensive knowledge how to identify alignment conditions with Vibration analysis, the principles of machinery shaft alignment and the various methods to measure and correct alignment, with emphasis on laser shaft alignment technology. It is designed for participants who must become proficient in handling their OPTALIGN®/ROTALIGN® product and troubleshoot complex alignment problems. The course is an intensive mix of hands-on practice and in-depth instruction in the alignment tools. You’ve mastered vibration at IMVAC; why not get acquainted with alignment? Join us for an introductory workshop courtesy of PRUFTECHNIK, the makers of OPTALIGN and ROTALIGN.

To Register:
2 Day Pass – Thursday, November 15th & Friday, November 16th – 2 Day Pass
Full Conference Pass – Monday, November 14th – Friday, November 16th – Full Pass

Alignment Techniques for Vibration Experts
►Basics of shaft alignment and how to identify misalignment
►Preconditions and preparations for an optimal machine alignment
►Hands-on demo machine preparation
►Function of the laser-optical measurement method
►Installation and operation of the alignment system including hands-on
►Interpretation of results
►Account of coupling specifications, tolerances and thermal growth
►Practical measurements on alignment simulators continues
►Soft foot verification including hands-on
►Alignment of vertical machines including hands-on
►Special cases with practical exercises