A Survey of Wireless Condition Monitoring Vendors Features and Performance

Ed Spence, The Machine Instrumentation Company


In the last five years we have witness an explosion of wireless systems for condition monitoring, many offering sophisticated diagnostic tools and analytic approaches. At first glance, it appears as though the IoT revolution is finally reaching the factory floor, as wireless extends the reach of CBM services to facilities, equipment and applications where existing on-line systems are not economically practical or even feasible.
Extending the reach of the vibration specialist to more machines in the plant sounds like an attractive proposition, but as always with new technology, it’s difficult to sort through the claims and differentiate the services.
This discussion will survey the universe of wireless condition monitoring systems, key features and specifications, sensor performance, available services and data management, helping you better understand the array of options and what to look for when choosing a system for your application.


Ed Spence is the Founder and President of The Machine Instrumentation Group, a collaborative network of product and service providers dedicated to enabling machine OEMs, builders and operators to instrument their own equipment for condition monitoring. Network competencies include predictive analytics for the development of health indicators, custom sensor development and deployable condition monitoring solutions. Ed was previously the Marketing Manager for Analog Devices MEMS Sensor Technology Group, where he defined the accelerometer roadmap for Condition Monitoring.