(90 min.) Lubrication Contamination Control

Frank Asamoah Asmah, Preventive Maintenance Officer, AngloGold Ashanti Iduapriem Mine


In Engineering, I have come to know that lubrication is a very vital factor though some artisans don’t take the delight to know and understand this lubrication concept. That is why I want to present to you the basics (what is Lubrication, The Purpose for lubrication, the benefits of lubrication). And the experiences. I can tell, many artisans lack knowledge in handling lubricant, with the knowledge and experiences, the presentation will talk about “how lubrication is done, and how to maintain it to avoid it from being contaminated, by knowing How lubrication contamination comes about, the common effect and issues of contamination in lubrication, and most important how to eliminate contamination in lubrication?
Knowledge is a tool that give us the power to solve every problem. So I believe this presentation can also give us the power we want over our machinery, our plants, and ourselves, I hope to be given the opportunity to present this small piece of knowledge I have on lubrication.
*How to maintain lubricate to avoid it from being contaminated,
*Knowing How lubrication contamination comes about with the common effect and issues of contamination in lubrication.
*Most important how to eliminate contamination in lubricate.


Frank Asamoah Asmah is a graduate with BSc. In Mechanical Engineering, attained from Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology. He has completed his first degree program, completed one-week Total lubrication training. He has completed a training safety in excavation at Global health and safety solution group (GHASS-G) making him a good licensed excavator operator, good excavator engineer and a safety officer. Frank is now working at AngloGold Ashanti Iduapriem mine for his national service program. He has a very good knowledge and skills in hydraulics and pneumatics. With his determination of becoming the best reliability engineer which has got him this far. He may not have much field working experience but he has a lot of research work done and still doing. This makes him gain a lot of knowledge. With an engineer’s heart, he wants to make all engineers to be the best in what they do which motivates and inspires him. You can reach out to him at asmahf20@yahoo.com or at Frankasamoahasmah@gmail.com.