4S6: Reliability – are you ready for it?

Tommy Glesnes


  • 4 levels of Predictive Maintenance; where do you fit?
  • Scenario: you have detected a fault on a critical machine, now what?
    • The role of the analyst
    • The role of the Reliability manager
    • The role of the production manager.
  • Key points on the road to Reliability.


Tommy Glesnes is certified as “European Expert in Maintenance Management” by EFNMS and the World Class Maintenance course, and Vibration Analyst category III by Mobius Institute. He has worked in the field of condition monitoring and maintenance optimization for more than 20 years, as a service provider. Our main specialty was to set up PdM programs, and remote diagnostic service with the aim to improve reliability and availability in addition to reduce maintenance cost for our customers.