3S9: Benefits of a risk based approach to condition monitoring

Matthew Moore, Global Subject Matter Expert - Condition Monitoring, Petrofac


Many condition monitoring programmes do not deliver their full potential due to a lack of focus regarding the equipment surveyed or prioritisation of maintenance. A common mistake is being over ambitious when implementing the programme, typically including too many equipment items which may become impractical or have diminishing returns. Adopting a risk based strategy ensures time and resources are focused where most beneficial to plant operation and safety to bring the greatest return on investment.

This presentation will introduce how criticality analysis can be utilized in setting up your condition monitoring programme and henceforth applied dynamically to prioritize maintenance. It will also introduce the concept of risk based compliance and how this can be turned into a primary key performance indicator for any condition monitoring programme.


Matthew Moore BSc (Hons) is the Global Subject Matter Expert in Condition Monitoring for Petrofac. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of vibration and condition monitoring and is a certified Mobius Institute ISO 18436-2 Category IV vibration analyst and training partner.

Matthew has extensive experience implementing vibration monitoring programmes and developing global guidance documents and condition monitoring strategies for the oil and gas industry. He is also the designer of CBMnet; Petrofac’s bespoke condition monitoring risk based reporting and information management system, which has been implemented on over 100 facilities in some of the remotest locations around the world.