3S8: Understanding Machinery Malfunctions for Automated Detection, Trending and Alarming

John Morey , Engineer, Tensor Systems Pty Ltd


Clear examples of bearings and bearing/gear combination faults will be presented, some with mode shapes, as part of understanding what we are dealing with.


John is the owner of Tensor Systems which designs, manufactures, installs and offers Total Customer Support for its Online Permanent Monitoring Systems incorporating Vibration, Electrical and Oil analysis. He is a Mechanical Engineer and widely respected for his focus on the technical excellence of his systems and the service he provides. John has been involved with R&D on bearing, motor and gearbox analysis systems since 1987 and has developed an automated process for separating gear and bearing faults and trending them under different alarm limits. Automation is essential to check the vast amounts of data an Online Condition Monitoring Systems produces. He holds some important patents around these technologies.