3S1: Case Study: Rotary Equipment Failure Detection with Vibration Analysis

Mohammad Mirab, Head of CBM, Bakhtar Petrochemical Co.


Diagnosis of cooling unit fan gear failure
Data collection using a wireless sensor from the cooling fan gearbox showed an increase in overall vibration and an increase in the amplitude of the vibration speed at the gear mesh frequencies. The vibration data indicated the presence of cracks and damage in the gears of the gearbox. After opening the gearbox in the workshop, it was observed that the
gears are broken.
Failure of oil-free centrifugal compressor electromotor bearings
These compressors have the task of compressing air and are centrifugal and three-stage. By taking data from the electric motor, the beginning of the failure of the bearings was detected. This happened shortly after the compressor started working. The reason was that the equipment was left unused for 6 months, during which the electromotor grease could be collected at the bottom side of bearing and lubrication was not done correctly after that and If the grease has water contamination it can cause corrosion in the bearing.
Thrust bearing failure and displacement of the feeder shaft
After collecting data from the extruder feeder, the vibration of the electric motor increased significantly, so that after checking the vibration data and sound checking with stethoscope, touching was detected from the body of the feeder. After opening and examining the issue, it was found that the trust bearing holding the mixer shaft was damaged and caused the mixer to move and touch the feeder body.
Increased vibration and wear detection in double acting reciprocating compressor bearings
Wear was observed in the bearings of the double acting reciprocating compressor. After a few days, the cover of the compressor bearing compartment was broken. Due to not using one side of the compressor and not using it at full load, it caused an impact to the bearing and the failure of the lock nut, and the bearing was moved and caused the bearing cover to break.

*Use some CBM Technique for failure detection instead of just one technique
*Vibration Analysis is first technique for failure detection
*Have the process and complete technical information of the equipment



Mohammad MirabExperienced and motivated with more than 4 years of experience in Bakhtar Petrochemical Company. Mohammad has always tried to look beyond the established practices and search for better solutions for current problems. He is skilled in condition based monitoring including vibration analysis, thermography, motor current analysis, oil analysis and noise analysis. His general qualities include personal flexibility, time management, and result orientation.