2S9a: (20 min.) Case Study: Condition Monitoring and proper installation saves energy

Randal Ong, Manager, PRUFTECHNIK S.E.A. Pte Ltd


Case reference we had with our customer while performing online vibration condition monitoring identified issue with bearing, decided to schedule and maintain this particular blower.  We have done a pre and after vibration, alignment and energy monitoring and realized a drop in power usage after proper installation and commissioning of blower.

We will share process charts with data and some pictures provided by our customer.



Randal Ong graduated with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Graduate Diploma in Business and Finance.  He has also obtained his vibration analyst ASNT IIB, ISO CAT III vibration analyst and Thermography ASNT I certifications.
He has more than 16years of working experience serving as an engineer and worked widely on rotating machinery’s like compressors, pumps, blowers and etc.. Covering vibration analysis, IN-SITU balancing, laser shaft alignment, bearing applications, lubrication, thermography and ultrasound.
He is now the Manager of Pruftechnik S.E.A. Pte Ltd. and leads in the field of condition monitoring on rotating machinery’s. He is very much involved in troubleshooting, training, technical seminary talks and advises on Predictive Maintenance Program.