2S8: How to align vendors to complement your reliability efforts, and make sustainable gains

Mark Gurney , Reliability Engineer, Mark Gurney


Asset strategies of Service providers often maximise the Vendor business drivers, how do you develop an alliance that ensure both parties are satisfied. The presentation provides a step by step procedure to follow, with a case study to show how to use failure data, develop asset strategies, and linking capital purchases to reliability outcomes. Identify the pitfalls and make sustainable competitive advantage.


Mark is a reliability engineer, formerly maintenance & utilities manager of Murray Goulburn Coop Australia’s largest dairy company. During his time at MGC followed a structured Operations and Reliability programme and achieving strong competitive advantage.
Elements of the programme included a predictive analysis covering 3500 rotating machines, Electrical systems, Control and Calibrations, Heat Exchangers, Utilities, Planning & Scheduling and implementation of SAP plant maintenance. Mark maintained strong executive support and was able to achieve significant improvements through reliability teams at each of the nine manufacturing sites and hence has a broad experience in the implementation of Reliability. Mark supports Mobius Institute in writing content, and offers a mentoring service advising enterprises in reliability strategy.