2S9: Slow speed applications where ultrasound has proven its value

Gwyn Garland, Rio Tinto Iron Ore Ian Ware, Managing Director, Ultra-Tek Pty Ltd


Ultrasound has long been accepted as a correlation condition monitoring technology for thermography, one sees what you can’t see and the other hears what you can’t hear. They are both intuitive and enhance key human senses and have been utilised by all industry sectors as essential front line tools.

However, with significant advances in both onboard instrument capabilities and software diagnostics, the applications for ultrasound now compliment the limitations of vibration analysis and oil/grease analysis especially in the realms of slow/low speed, variable speed, load and reversing direction assets.

Come and learn how Rio Tinto have utilised this technology on their capital-intensive assets with great results.

Bio - Gwyn Garland

Bio - Ian Ware

Ian’s primary areas of expertise are in the key facets of asset management, reliability and maintenance Engineering. Special interests are the development of condition based maintenance strategies with a passion for Ultrasonics. With over 25 years’ experience across mining, oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, food and beverage, metals processing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and defence industry verticals, he brings a diverse and practical approach to his clients. He secured the world leading UE Systems product line under his own company, Ultra-Tek, in 2010 as their master distributer and offers sales, service, calibration and technical support for UE Systems customers with a heavy emphasis on training.

With an enthusiastic presentation style, he creates a great learning environment and now has a loyal client base of some 200 customers.

Ian has a Bachelor of Engineering in Production Engineering, is a certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional, a certified Change Management facilitator and a Level II Certified Ultrasound Instructor. Ian is also active with Standards Australia on ME087 as an industry expert on the adoption and implementation of ISO 18436 (Parts 6 & 8) Ultrasound Standards. His professional experience spans 27 years. During this period, he has worked for IRD Mechanalysis, Entek, Shell, PALL Corporation and GPAllied before starting Ultra-Tek in early 2010. Ian is based out of the Gold Coast of Australia.