2S7: Ultrasound can assist your diagnosis

Tom Murphy, Corporate Training Manager, SDT Ultrasound Solutions


The ability to record and listen to high frequency sound both in the air and through solids and to do so with virtually no influence the vibration levels present, gives Ultrasound a unique ability to provide additional information about the behavior of a component in a machine.

This presentation draws on case histories from numerous industries and countries to show how Ultrasound has proved invaluable in assisting the Vibration Analyst to find defects in bearings in otherwise challenging conditions, couplings, gearboxes, pumps and lubrication.


Degree in Acoustics Chartered Engineer Certified Reliability Leader 34 years in vibration measurement, 23 years using IR and 17 years using ultrasound. Tom Murphy has worked in the field of vibration measurement and specifically condition monitoring for most of his professional life. He now assists Companies to develop or re-vitalise their programs with a clear focus on the overlap between the various technologies.