2S6: Identifying and Surmounting Resonance – The Silent Killer of Machine Uptime

Praveen Gupta, Special Oilfield Services Co. LLC


Resonance in Industrial Plants, is a difficult problem to diagnose and at the same time, it’s a silent killer of machine uptime and Plant Reliability! The maintenance team probably won’t be asked to go out and correct the resonance problem. Instead, the Plant personnel will treat the symptoms of the resonance problem. These could be bearings failures, occurrence of high vibrations from unbalance. You may also encounter broken welds or bolts. And you may even experience product quality problems or production efficiency issues. The list is endless.

This presentation will cover resonance identification through vibration analysis, trending and various diagnostic plots, differentiating from other machine anomalies, methodologies for mitigating resonance with various case studies and resulting improvements in process throughput and Plant Reliability.


1. Understanding resonance and it’s causes in mechanical systems
2. Tried and tested methodologies to identify resonances in machine trains at sites
3. Pitfalls of resonance and its adverse consequences on machine uptime and Plant Reliability
4. How to mitigate resonances in real Plant scenarios with few examples


Praveen an Industry Thought Leader, is presently leading the Reliability Engineering & Asset Management (REAM) business at Special Oilfield Services Co. LLC, Oman. He is an experienced professional with 22+ years of rich experience in Condition Monitoring & Reliability Industry with Vibration Analyst Cat III, ARP-A Certifications from Mobius Institute®, Australia, CMRP certification from SMRP, US Ultrasound Level I from UE Systems Inc. and life member of Council of Vibration Specialists (CVS), executive member of ISA and a trained CRE. He helps Industry and Industrial Plants adopt an effective and efficient RCM program and optimum CBM strategies.

He has spoken in National and International Conferences in India, Asia and Middle East, has published more than 20 technical papers and is a recognized Mobius Training Instructor for Vibration Analysis and Asset Reliability Trainings.