2S6: Aligning rollers using space technology

Dragutin Lacko, Technical Manager, PRUFTECHNIK NV


Parallelism of rollers has gained importance since the production speed of different kinds of sheet materials has been continuously increased in order to raise the production volume.
Classical alignment methods, especially optical measurement systems have been significantly improved but are still very time consuming and limited by the necessity of a line of sight.
Best results, both in quality and speed of alignment are obtained using a combination of high accuracy navigation gyroscopes and advanced optical measurement systems.


Born in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1957, Dragutin Lacko graduated in 1980 in Antwerp. Since 1990 he is involved in condition monitoring, laser optic shaft alignment and geometrical alignment. In the beginning his main occupation was selling measurement systems, giving technical support to customers and training users. Today he uses his experience to support the service department of PRUFTECHNIK N.V. and gives training sessions in shaft alignment and geometrical alignment.