2S5: Case Study: Connecting Asset Health to Asset Strategies in real time

Graham Forrester , Managing Director, NVMS Solutions


For many years we have seen that companies often run a condition monitoring program as additional insurance within their scheduled maintenance strategy. Condition monitoring has provided a “watch dog” approach and has been very successful in detecting developing faults (particularly in rotating equipment) that fall between maintenance schedules and planned outages. This strategy works well in an environment of high profits and margins. In today’s market conditions the challenge is moving this overhead into an effective strategy that drives change, eliminates failures, increases availability and controls cost whilst not affecting risk. Asset Performance Management (APM), the final destination in our Asset Health Solutions journey, is about understanding and quantifying asset health. A question we ask our clients is “if you knew the health of your equipment and you had confidence that it will reliably operate would you carry out the scheduled maintenance on that asset?” In other words they want to operate their business as best-in-class, leveraging technology to deliver outcomes that reduce risk whilst increase business margins. Our process is focused around Education, Discovery, Partnering, and Solution Design to deliver an outcome based solution that forms a fully costed business case, detailing full prioritised solutions and return on investment analysis. This NVMS presentation documents the journey one client is taking, showing their wins and some lessons learnt along the way.


Managing Director and Solution Specialist with NVMS for the past 24 years and in parallel more than 25 years with SVT Engineering Consultants.
Experience includes:
• Business Leader for Rotating Equipment and Reliability Services
• Turnkey implementation of Condition Based Monitoring and Maintenance Programs
• Training in Reliability and Predictive Monitoring Techniques
• Integration Leader in NVMS for the GE Asset Performance Management (APM) programs supporting Maintenance Optimisation