2S4b: (20 min.) Case Study – Best Practice in gearbox monitoring

Jos Sas, Product Manager, Allied Reliability Group


Vibration monitoring on gearboxes is not obvious. Brand new gearboxes do have vibrations. Therefor putting alarm detection based on overall vibration levels often leads to false alarms or missed fault detection. Implementation of an automatic alarming can therefor be quite challenging. Best practice monitoring techniques will be presented based on synchronous averaging techniques and confidence factor illustrated with a case-studies on extruder/gearbox.


• 30 Years Expertise in Maintenance excellence, Condition Monitoring & Reliability
• Industrial experience in All major  industries Chemical, Automotive, Power, Gas, Food & Beverage,…
• Master of Science degree in industrial Electro-Mechanical engineering KULeuven
• Graduate Degree of Business Administration at the Catholic University of Leuven
Key Engagements
• Product Manager Allied Reliability Group since 2013
• Chairman in Global Chemical 2012
• R&D development for CBM in renewal Wind energy
• Owner & Sales & Marketing Director Coservices
• General Manager :  CSI Europe. Development and startup of a European distribution organization till 1999-2006.
• Founder and General Manager of DAP 1987 till 1999
• Consultant at LMS International
• Project engineer for plant production efficiency in Procter & Gamble