2S4: Smart Reliability CBM & Fourth Industrial Revolution

Sven Fleischer , Area Sales Manager, PRUFTECHNIK S.E.A. PTE LTD


Mr. Sven Fleischer has extensive experience in the condition monitoring fileld.
He has been with PRUFTECHNIK for more than 21 years and while he has accumulated diagnostic skills and experience in condition monitoring vibration analysis and as a specialist as machinery analyst pertaining to field balancing and
commissioning of online system. His previous vocation in PRUFTECHNIK Germany was as an instructor and trainer for condition monitoring

Highly motivated and with over 21 year experience, he enjoys to support partner and clients.
Born in Germany and now based in Singapore, he is helping to implement Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Strategies. Looking always forward to gain on new experiences and knowledge.
With passion responsible to create a Sales/Service network for existing and new markets in South East Asia and Oceania.

♦ Direct Sales and Service
♦ Vibration Analyst Cat III – ISO 18436-2
♦ MOBIUS authorized ISO Cat I-III Vibration Analysis Instructor
♦ Partner Network in SEA and OCEANIA
♦ Marketing and Business Activities
♦ Reliability Solution – Condition Monitoring CBM
♦ Vibration Analysis and Troubleshooting
♦ Geometrical Laser Alignment
♦ CRM Systems
♦ Dynamic Field Balancing
♦ Stress Analysis at Machines
♦ Tele- and Remote Monitoring Solutions
♦ Training and Consulting
♦ After Sales Service and technical Support.


Sven works more than 20 years in Machinery-Reliability Business. Starting with PRUFTECHNIK Group in Germany as engineer, he builds his experience with field services and vibration troubleshooting analysis. The recent years he consults customer and supports sales channel in Asia-Pacific region through Singapore. As one of the technology leader for intelligent measurement systems, PRUFTECHNIK help to optimize production and increase machine availability. Sven is authorized Instructor for ISO Vibration Analysis courses in Singapore.