2S2b: (20 min.) Integrating Vibration and Oil Analysis Techniques for the Best Machine Condition Monitoring

Kees Veltman, IJssel Predictive Maintenance


It is accepted more and more that condition- based maintenance is the most effective and cost-efficient approach to maximize the life of industrial machinery. Vibration and wear debris analyses are two key components of any successful condition-monitoring program and can be used as predictive or proactive tools to identify active machine wear and diagnose faults occurring inside machinery.

Vibration analysis in particular is becoming increasingly popular as a predictive maintenance procedure and as support for machinery maintenance decisions. Practitioners of oil analysis are familiar with the practice and advantages of oil wear debris analysis.


In 2001, I started my own company, Solinas Benelux BV. In 2001 we were the first company who was active in promoting the Lubrication bible for real Proactive Maintenance in the Netherlands and Belgium. As a company, we followed all the rules from the NORIA Corporation from Tulsa in the United States. With the start of 2018, Solinas was bought by the IJssel Predictive Maintenance BV in the Netherlands. They had bought the Olivera company already. With this combination of companies we can supply customers plant reliability with consults | Implementing Proactive Maintenance in the field | Training and Awareness Training in lubrication excellent practices | Lubrication program development | Vibration Analyses | Implementing Lubrication Management with quality and cost effective improvements. We developed Mafuta a webbased lubrication management, Ultrasonic lubrication, Uptime Works inclusive analysis software, IR inspections / thermography, Ultrasonic inspections, ODS measurements and MCE measurements.