2S2: A Most Unusual Hydro Generation Problem – 93m below water

Matthew Fallow , Founder, Asset Quality


An inlet screen failure on a 28MW Hydro facility had caused large amounts of debris to pass through the turbine causing considerable damage. Some quite interesting and unorthodox testing was carried out to learn more about the failure mode conditions using scuba divers, vibration and sound.


Matthews’s first engineering position was ‘Anticipative Maintenance Systems Engineer’ for a large chemical company when the hard drive capacity of PC’s was just 10 megabytes! Since then he has trained many students and companies in the Asia Pacific Rim to be successful reliability focused CM Analysts themselves. Extensive experience with Infra-red Thermography, Oil Analysis, Machine Alignment, Precision Maintenance Philosophy, Failure Analysis and a good knowledge of large electro-mechanical rotating machinery have enabled Matthew to provide a valuable machine problem solving service to all types of industry for many years in the Asia Pacific Rim. Matthew founded two of industries most respected Condition Monitoring companies Asset Reliability Services and Asset Quality.