2S12: Implementation of Condition Monitoring in Well Head Compressor Operation

Puji Nugroho , Mechanical Engineer, VICO Indonesia


VICO Indonesia is an oil and gas producer in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Gas reservoirs are today extremely depleted so gas from many old wells cannot naturally flow to the gathering station. VICO Indonesia utilizes Well Head Compressor (WHC) to deliver gas from these wells to gathering station. The development of this compressor has been started since 2008. Through 4 generations of WHC, VICO Indonesia has utilized 56 units WHC in all operation areas.
Oil flooded screw compressor type is selected for WHC for some reasons. As a positive displacement compressor, oil flooded screw compressor has wide pressure ratio range like reciprocating compressor. So this compressor can boost up gas at very low pressure (20 – 35 psia) from well to gathering station which has higher pressure (125 – 160 psia). This compressor is also compact. At a same size, the flow capacity of oil flooded screw compressor is biggerthan reciprocating compressor.
The operation of WHC is very challenging. The compressed gas has potential threat to the oil inside the compressor. Gas from well is wet gas. So it need separation process through suction scrubber in order to remove the liquid from gas prior to flow into the compressor, otherwise the liquid will be carried over and contaminate the oil inside the compressor. The gas also has tendency to dilute into oil if not properly conditioned. The dilution will cause compressor oil viscosity to decrease. The discharge temperature of the compressor must be maintained above the dilution limit to avoid this problem. Oil condition must be kept in acceptable condition, otherwise it will lead compressor internal component defect or damage that can be detected by vibration analysis.
VICO Indonesia has developed several maintenance strategy to keep the reliability of WHC. The key of maintenance strategy of WHC is the condition monitoring program that consist of oil and vibration analysis. This presentation will described the oil and vibration analysis activities of WHC in VICO Indonesia.


Puji Setyo Nugroho was born in Solo, Indonesia in 1984. He received the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Aeronautics Engineering from Institute of Technology Bandung in 2007. He joined Nusantara Turbine & Propulsion, a maintenance repair and overhaul company in Bandung, and started his career as a junior rotating engineer for industrial gas turbine engine in 2007. After 3.5 years experiences in Nusantara Turbine & Propulsion, he joined VICO Indonesia, an oil and gas company in East Kalimantan, in 2011 as mechanical rotating engineer and works there until now. He also became supervisor of Reliability Based Maintenance team that is responsible for condition monitoring activities of rotating equipment in VICO Indonesia. He has certified as ISO 18436-2 Category II Vibration Analyst in 2015. During 6 years of his career in VICO Indonesia, he has given contributions for the operation and maintenance of rotating equipment in VICO Indonesia. He developed the condition monitoring program of oil injected-screw compressor for well head compressor application. When the hard time of oil and gas industry started in 2015, he helped the VICO Indonesia’s management to develop maintenance efficiency strategy and conducted plant optimization program. Working in VICO Indonesia has developed his skill and knowledge to be a professional mechanical rotating engineer.