2S1: Case Study – Optimizing your lubrication Program with Ultrasound

Peter Boon, European Training Manager, UE Systems


Why is Ultrasound so easy to use to assist with your lubrication program. We can use ultrasound to optimize your preventative schedule, but also to completely use ultrasound to determine when and how much you need to grease.


UE Systems Inc., headquartered in the USA, has been developing, distributing and supporting end-users with Ultrasound inspection tools since 1973. Mr. Boon has been with UE Systems Europe, headquartered in the Netherlands, since 2010. He has lectured about the technology of Airborne / Structure borne Ultrasound in most of the industrialized world and has been instrumental in the program implementation of Ultrasound inspection technology for multiple companies worldwide. In addition to his efforts to educate and lecture, Mr. Boon is the European Training Manager of UE Systems Europe, with direct responsibility for all the European countries as part of UE Systems’ global training department. Mr. Boon is a part of the UE Systems training development team and is level III certified for Ultrasound technology.