Lubrication tasks guided by intelligent ultrasound

Haris Trobradovic, Area Sales & Training Manager, SDT International


Condition based Lubrication supported by Ultrasound has been around for some time and delivered excellent results for those using it. Done and proven. Still, in such hugely important and wide area as Precision Lubrication is, it was just a first step paving the way towards much bigger role of Ultrasound. Many grease technicians struggle in situations when they need to make a decision based on signal (not to mention when it is “listen only”), many lubrication engineers struggle to set up and steer the condition based strategy, many champions would like to see more and up to date KPIs. Recently developed intelligent solution, resolves entire set of problems. Technology that thinks with you and thinks for you enables entirely guided process of grease replenishment, based on instantly processed bearing response. Paired with software that provides automatic settings, detailed task management and strong control of entire process, it makes grease replenishment completely different job than it used to be.


Haris Trobradović is a Level 2 certified ultrasound inspector with 20 years’ experience in product design and set-up. Haris understands the interconnectivity between asset condition management and an effective reliability culture. Active in more than 40 countries, Haris helps implement ultrasound programs in all types of industry. Proud member of SDT team.
When Haris is not abroad supporting customer’s reliability programs, he lives in Croatia with his wife and two sons.