Turbo machinery and protection systems

Salah Attia , Senior Condition Monitoring Engineer, ALS Industrial


Introduction about turbo machinery types including operating state, expected faults, plots used to diagnose those faults, in addition to sensors types used for monitoring and protection that part includes the sensors types , and precautions for installation.



Senior Condition Monitoring and Realibilty Engineer with 13 years of expernice

▪︎Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering
▪︎Certified Vibration Analyst Category IV
▪︎Machinery lubrication Analyst Category II
▪︎Certified Thermograper Category II
▪︎Asset Reliability Practitioner Level I


▪︎Online monitoring systems installation and configuration such as Bently Nevada 3500 systems, TENSOR systems, MOVUS online wireless sensors
▪︎Turbo machinery diagnostic (Steam and gas turbine), (analysis, run-up, balancing) using System 1 online classic , Evo & Siemens vibroexpert CM500، Emerson XP32, 4500M and 2600.
▪︎Rotating machinery vibration data collection and analysis ( Gearboxs,  pumps, blowers, Motors, etc..)
▪︎Thermal imaging for both electrical and Mechanical assets.
▪︎Oil sampling in best practice and participate in analysis reports.
▪︎Onsite balancing (Single and multi plane balancing)
▪︎Laser Alignment (Vertical, horizontal machines and pulley alignment)
▪︎ODS analysis, modal analysis and using motion amplification camera.
▪︎Root Cause analysis (RCA),Failure Mode analysis (FEMA), Asset Reliability.